High Power Video Transmitter

Equipment rated specification ●Power range: ~AC380V±10;220V±20% ●Frequency: 50±2Hz; ●Designed ambient condition of equipment: Indoor use ●Above sea level height: up to 3500 m ●Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPb ●Ambient temperature: 0°C to 45°C General Performance Working frequency: 174MHz —...

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Equipment rated specification

●Power range: ~AC380V±10;220V±20%

●Frequency: 50±2Hz;

●Designed ambient condition of equipment: Indoor use

●Above sea level height: up to 3500 m

●Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPb

●Ambient temperature: 0°C to 45°C

General Performance

Working frequency: 174MHz — 223MHz.

Nominal load resistor impedance 50 Ω coaxial, reflection loss ≥ 26 dB.

Rated output power :3KW.

Overall Machine Technology Specification

Specification of vision part

Video input level:

1Vp-p ± 3dB positive

Sync level 0.3Vp-p

Peak white level 0.7Vp-p

Video input impedance: 75 Ω(Coaxial)

Reflection loss ≥ 30dB .

Frequency 0MHz ~ 6MHz

Periodic clutter signal to noise ratio: 50dB(peak to peak)

Continuous random clutter signal to noise ratio:

average root value(no weighted)≥ 50dB

average root value(weighted)≥ 56dB

Useless transmission power of nearby outside channel is lower than carrier 60dB

Useless transmission power of nearby inside channel is lower than carrier 40dB

2T sine square wave distortion Kp ≤ 2 %

2T sine square wave distortion to bar pulse amplitude ratio Kpb ≤ 2 %

Line frequency tilt Kb ≤ 2 %

Field frequency tilt K50 ≤ 2 %

Brightness nonlinear distortion ≤ 10 %

Differential gain distortion DG ≤ 5 % 

Differential phase distortion DP ≤ 5 °

Chroma and brightness gain difference ≤ 10 %

Chroma and brightness delay difference ≤ 30ns

Variation of vision output power ≤± 0.25dB

Carrier stability in three months ≤ ± 50 0Hz/ three months

Blanking level stability ≤ 2.5%

Carrier audacious phase modulation: ± 5 °

Mode of modulation: amplitude modulation , negative pole

Amplitude degree ≤ 87.5 %

Difference of sound carrier and vision carrier: 6.5MHz ± 0.001MHz

Radio frequency sync level: 100%

RF blanking level: 75% ± 2.5%

RF white level: 12.5% ~ 15%

About us

Our company is a high-tech manufacturer which integrates R&D, production, marketing, installation and service. At present, our company owns a full set of imported testing instruments, including Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer and Power Meter. In order to highlight the technical advantage of our products, we rely on the technologies of domestic scientific research institutes and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. With our technial advantages, we have developed customized products that can meet the demands of customers, with quality improving perfectly.

Our main products include DVB-T transmitter, UHF/VHF transmitter, FM broadcast transmitter, MMDS/MUDS tranasmitter, and DVB head-end equipments. All equipment we produced have been widely used in the fields of radio and TV signal coverage and transmission. Due to our superior quality, good service and reasonable price, our products have won praises from many customers at home and abroad.

By now, our company has exported our products to Taiwan area, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines, Somalia, Brazil, Russia and other regions and countries, and formed long-term business relationships with overseas customers.

We sincerely and warmly welcome your inquiry and purchase, and we will try our best to freely provide the best system design and engineering consultation for you. Give us a chance, and we will cherish every business opportunity to show our qualification.


Q1. Is the Frequency Adjustable?

A1. FM Radio Band Frequency is 87~108MHz, TV Band Frequency includes UHF/VHF band.

For FM Radio Transmitter; Power Below 2KW is all adjustable. Above 2KW would be narrow.

For TV Transmitter; all Frequency Band is very Narrow, only can contain around 3 Channels; so it’s not adjustable.

Q2. Is your Analog TV Transmitter can be upgraded to Digital?

A2. Yes, we can. But the Frequency Band should be the same.

The only difference between Analog & Digital TV Transmitter is its TV Modulator.

After upgrade to Digital, the Power from TV Transmitter reduced 5 times.

For example: 1KW analog TV Transmitter can be upgraded to 200W Digital TV Transmitter.

Q3. How large areas can One Station cover?

A3. One FM or TV Station can cover one city or one town.

The Maximum cover ranges of one station can not over 100KM Radius because the Earth is Curve.

You can use Multiple Stations & Different Frequency to cover larger area.

Q4. How do I choose suitable equipments for my station?

A4. The most import factors are Power and Frequency.

We need to know the Power and Frequency you need exactly.

How long the distances do you want to cover in Radius?

How height your Antenna can be installed?

Q5. How to calculate Broadcasting equipment Cover Range?

A5. The Cover Range depends on 4 factors:

1. Power from Transmitter; 2. Height of Antenna; 3. Gain from Antenna; 4. Around Environment.

Then we can know the cover range of your station.

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