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What Is FM Transmitter
- Apr 02, 2018 -

FM Transmitter: First, the audio signal and high-frequency carrier modulation to FM wave, the high-frequency carrier frequency with the audio signal changes, and then the resulting high-frequency signal amplification, excitation, amplifier and a series of impedance matching, so that the signal output to the antenna, send out the device. High-frequency signal generation has frequency synthesis, PLL, and so on. The frequency range of commercial FM broadcasting in China is 88-108mhz, the campus is 76-87mhz and the western countries are 70-90mhz.

Any FM radio station, regardless of its size (national radio, provincial radio, municipal radio, county radio, rural radio, village-level radio, campus radio, enterprises and institutions of radio, army barracks Radio, etc.), will be audio broadcast control equipment, transmission equipment, FM transmitter and the launch day feeder components. Large-coverage stations need to transmit a large power FM transmitter, high-gain transmitter antenna and set up on the ground high, while the coverage of small radio stations, you need to launch a small FM transmitter, gain the appropriate antenna and set up at the appropriate height. Usually, the power level of FM transmitter is 1w,5w,10w,30w,50w,100w,300w,500w,1000w,3kw,5kw,10kw. can also be customized according to the actual needs of special power FM transmitter.

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