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What Are The Technical Advantages Of Digital FM Radio Transmitter?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Digital FM transmitter and analog FM radio transmitter compared with the following advantages:

1, improve the sound quality: as a whole process of digital processing, FM broadcast sound quality can reach the level of CD;

2, improve the reliability of the transmitter: because of the use of large scale integrated circuit as the main components (the original number of small, integrated circuit itself is very high reliability), replaced the analog FM transmitter of the vast number of discrete components and small-scale integrated circuits, is the whole machine reliability greatly improved;

3, the function of the transmitter is flexible: Because of the use of software radio technology, so in the maintenance of the transmitter hardware does not become the case, as long as the loading of different software can produce different functions of FM transmitter, which is particularly conducive to the production of manufacturers, but also conducive to the upgrading of the transmitter;

4, can realize accurate remote monitoring and fault diagnosis: Because all the original hardware implementation of the functions have been software, so not only in the transmitter LCD display can be observed in many analog transmitters could not observe the internal state, but also these states through the communication interface (rs232/rs485/can/ TCPIP) remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

5, can realize dual audio input automatic switching function: In some cases of high reliability requirements, digital audio and analog audio can be input to the digital FM transmitter, in its interior can be realized with digital audio input of the automatic audio switching function, can save the external audio emergency switch.

Digital FM Transmitter is a patented technology with independent intellectual property rights in China.

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