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The Reason That The Transmitter Must Be Added Antenna
- Apr 02, 2018 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of broadcasting, in the construction of rich, civilized, harmonious socialist new countryside today, the rural broadcast has its own practical value and the irreplaceable function, especially the Radio FM broadcast, installs conveniently, the Electric Sound index is good, the anti-interference ability is strong, the coverage area is big and so on the advantage in the life obtains the very big application.

FM radio broadcasting is the use of FM modulation method, the audio signal modulation to---108MHz FM carrier above, through the FM transmitter, transmitting antenna to the broadcast signal into radio signals, wireless transmission, in the receiving end, A broadcast method used to listen to an FM radio or FM Speaker (column).

And often people ask, since it is Wireless FM, then why do you want to add the antenna? At first, I was wondering. Time is long, I also know the mystery.

Let's talk about the problem below.

When the transmitter plus antenna, because of its bottom of the inductance coil high-frequency impedance and high-frequency transmission tube impedance match, so high-frequency current can be smoothly from the antenna radiation to space. If the antenna is not switched on, the high-frequency impedance of the inductive coil does not match the impedance of the High-frequency transmitter, which will lead to a large number of high-frequency current can not be successfully launched by the antenna, and the consequence is that high frequency energy block in the launch tube caused by the heat of the launch tube produced. Once its power exceeds the dissipation power of the transmitting tube, it will cause a variation of the electrical performance parameters of the transmitting tube to burn. More because of the small space in the High-frequency module, so that the density of the components is not conducive to heat dissipation, the high temperature of the launch tube is accumulated in the high-frequency head of the surrounding components of the thermal performance parameters change. And the most serious is that the high temperature will lead to the base frequency oscillation stage of the frequency resonance coil, power excitation and launch-level resonant coil, antenna bottom matching inductance coil, the decay of several important components. The high temperature will melt the wax of the cores that are sealed by the inductance coils, and a little bit of vibration will make a slight change in the position of the core's online circle. And this slight change is enough to make the firing frequency deviate significantly.

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