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FM Transmitter Has Many Kinds Of Classification
- Apr 02, 2018 -

According to the frequency of the use of FM transmitter, can be divided into professional-level FM transmitter and amateur FM Transmitter, professional-level mainly for professional radio stations and for sound quality, high reliability requirements of the occasion, while the amateur class is mainly used for radio and professional quality and reliability requirements of the general requirements of the occasion;

According to the mode of broadcast, can be divided into stereo broadcast and mono-channel broadcasting;

According to the original circuit principle of FM transmitter, it can be divided into analog FM transmitter and Digital FM Transmitter:

Digital FM Transmitter

With the rapid development of electronic technology, especially professional-grade FM transmitter, Digital FM transmitter is gradually replacing analog FM transmitter, the difference between the number and simulation is very simple, depends on whether the use of software radio technology (DSP+DDS) design.

Digital FM Transmitter: from audio to RF full process of digital FM broadcast transmitter, it uses software radio technology to achieve FM radio transmitter. It receives digital audio signal (AES/EBU) or analog audio signal (into a/d), audio signal processing, stereo coding by DSP (digital signal processor) to complete, while the FM modulation process DSP control DDS (direct digital frequency synthesizer) to complete, the modulation process to achieve the digitization. The discrete digital FM is produced by D/A conversion to produce the conventional FM wave for the RF amplifier to enlarge to the specified power. Referred to as "Dsp+dds".

Analog FM Transmitter

Analog FM Transmitter: can only receive analog audio signals, audio signal amplification, limit and stereo coding are analog, especially the use of VCO (voltage control oscillator) +PLL (phase-locked loop) to generate FM carrier signal, modulation of course is also the use of analog composite audio signal to the VCO variable capacitance diode direct modulation. This circuit is a typical analog FM transmitter, but may have led or LCD digital display transmitter operating frequency, but the whole process is simulated.

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