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Development Trend Of TV Transmitter
- Apr 02, 2018 -

(1) High reliability

High reliability is the user of the transmitter and manufacturers put forward the most important requirements, but also the transmitter manufacturer for many years the goal of unremitting pursuit. Before the 1980s, electron tube life is generally only thousands of hours, the klystron, IoT tube invention, life can raise to tens of thousands of hours, the transmitter reliability greatly improved, but the problem has not been completely solved. Because the electron tube transmitter and klystron transmitter have a fatal weakness, that is, the use of single-stage series power amplification, one of the components of any failure can cause the whole machine off the air. The late 1980s, the full solid-state transmitter, due to the power transistor output power limit, all solid-state transmitters are forced to use the transistor parallel use, the general use of power synthesis technology, and the whole machine adopts the "redundancy" design, from the actuator to the final stage of the PA all using parallel structure, Thus, the reliability of the broadcast than the electronic tube model has a great breakthrough. So from the reliability, all solid-state transmitter is the development direction of the current TV transmitter.

(2) High efficiency

Compared with the communication and sound broadcasting transmitter, the TV transmitter is characterized by a wide band occupancy. In China, the broadband for analog and digital TV broadcasting is 8MHZ, and the linear requirement is high. Therefore, the efficiency of the transmitter is relatively low, the simulator is about 30%, and the digital machine is 15%~20%. Higher efficiency can save energy consumption.

(3) Full-state

In theory, the output of all solid-state transmitters can be arbitrarily increased as a building block, because of the power synthesis technology. In addition, because of its redundancy design, the reliability is greatly improved, so all solid-state transmitter compared with other models have more advantages.

(4) Automation

As the reliability of the transmitter is improved, the function of launching station unattended, automatic switch machine and remote monitoring is realized. Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions have already realized the launch pad unattended. By 2012, most of the transmitter manufacturers using Single-chip control, equipped with automatic control and automatic monitoring functions, and equipped with monitoring interface, automation function is increasingly complete. The domestic launch pad and the relay station are mostly located in the top of the mountain, the conditions are extremely difficult, in order to reduce the labor intensity of the duty, so that all solid-state transmitter automation is an inevitable trend.

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