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Application Of FM Transmitter
- Apr 02, 2018 -

As a simple communication tool, FM transmitter can carry out effective mobile communication because it does not need relay station support, so it is welcomed by people. At present it is widely used in the field of production, security, field engineering and other fields of small-scale mobile communications engineering.

Usually, the transmitter consists of three parts: High frequency portion, low frequency part and power supply part. The high-frequency part generally includes the main oscillator, the buffer amplification, the frequency multiplier, the middle amplification, the power amplifier promotion stage and the last stage amplifier. The role of the main vibrator is to generate a stable frequency carrier. In order to improve the frequency stability, the main vibration stage is often used quartz crystal oscillator, and in the back of the buffer level, in order to weaken the effect of the rear stage on the main vibrator. The low frequency part includes microphone, low frequency voltage amplification stage, low frequency power amplification stage and last stage low-frequency power amplification stage. The low-frequency signal is amplified to obtain the required power level at the final stage of the amplifier, so as to modulate the high frequency final amplifier. Therefore, the last-stage low-frequency power amplification stage is also called Modulator. Modulation is the process by which the information to be transmitted is loaded into a high frequency oscillation (carrier frequency) signal. Therefore, the final stage of high-frequency power amplifier is a modulated amplifier.

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