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AGBE’s COFDM And The Nano HD TX Promises “excellent Image Quality Retention
- May 21, 2018 -

Much prized is a transmitter’s port-ability and flexibility, leading to Cobham developing its Nano HD TX transmitter system. the Nano HD TX is lighter and smaller but its form factor does not sacrifice power or quantity. “We’ve not only done both, but have actually vastly improved both parameters with our Nano HD TX transmitters. It’s a remarkable bit of technology that has been put to extensive use for everything from camel and horse racing to ‘umpire cams’ for cricket matches.”

According to AGBE, broadcast technology must always strive to be discreet and almost unnoticeable. That is why its Nano HD TX can be used with fixed or handheld cameras and in neither case do they get in the way. Also, with AGBE’s COFDM and the Nano HD TX promises “excellent image quality retention.”


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