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Understanding of the principle of FM Transmitter
- Apr 02, 2018 -

With the development of digital technology, sound technology is also beginning to be excessive from analog to digital, and digital sound broadcasting technology such as digital amplitude modulation, digital FM, DAB etc. has appeared. Below on the full solid-state digital FM transmitter of the principle and composition do a brief introduction:

FM Transmitter by the actuator, amplifier, filter, directional coupler, power distribution system, control system, refrigeration system composition; The actuator adopts the imported 30W FM stereo Actuator, 1 or 2 actuator can be used according to the user's requirement, and the 2 actuator can be used to form the main one. To improve the stability and reliability of the transmitter.

The actuator outputs a power amplifier that directly drives the transmitter. The power amplifier consists of a plurality of power amplifier modules with a maximum output capacity of 700W, which can achieve high power output through the proper distribution and power synthesis. The power amplifier of the FM 5KW transmitter consists of a 10 distributor, 10 amplifier modules, and a 10 synthesizer, and each two power amplifier module forms a hot-Plug power amplifier unit.

Filter using Low-pass form, the high harmonics and spurious emission of the transmitter are filtered, the forward power and the reverse power are sent to the central control unit by the directional coupler, and the corresponding AGC voltage or the load standing wave protection control signal is sent to the actuator.

The control system collects and monitors the working state of the whole transmitter, and after processing the collected data, adjusts the work of the transmitter according to the working status of each part, and the control system accepts the control command of the transmitter.

The Power distribution system provides suitable power supply for various parts of the transmitter by reasonable transformation and distribution of the input AC power supply.

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