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Technical parameters of FM Transmitter
- Apr 02, 2018 -

All solid-state 3KW FM Stereo transmitter is the introduction, digestion, absorption of foreign latest technology developed a new generation of SMD products. Key components, components selected international first-class company's products to ensure that the machine performance, good reliability.

The main features of the machine: excellent quality, less trouble, the machine maintenance technology requirements are low, the general technical personnel can check and repair faults. This transmitter consists mainly of three parts:


The whole actuator is selected with 30W FM transmitter.

(1) 30W actuator: 30W Actuator is the factory in digestion, absorbing foreign advanced circuit based on the production of a new type of FM transmitter. The core components of the machine are imported from abroad. Using SMD (SMD) technology design and production, improve the performance of the whole machine, the use of modular technology, the modules are connected by bus, easy maintenance personnel inspection and troubleshooting; The power supply uses switching power supply, which saves energy and improves efficiency. The machine has a protection circuit, the day feed system failure to limit the power output, while the panel "VSWR" Red light.

(2) 10KHz as the stepping frequency synthesizer, the user chooses the working frequency. After changing the frequency, the other parts can not make any adjustment, output power 30W. Stereo and mono signals are entered in either a balanced or unbalanced manner, and can be added to an SCA auxiliary channel signal. Signal transmission system and the work of the machine components can be monitored through the head and light-emitting tube.

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