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Scheme of Intelligent Radio FM Broadcasting System
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Common cable transmission broadcast, also known as Cable FM broadcast. Radio and closed-circuit television are transmitted in the same coaxial cable. This is the most advanced campus radio and practical and investment in the province's model, is the school for multilingual, multi-level, many professional ideals of voice teaching equipment, but also the ideal automatic broadcast equipment. Because the pattern has the following advantages:

A computer can output multiple sets of different programs at the same time.

Each sound source can be individually controlled, can be any time, any length of the hard drive in any content, easy to use and flexible.

Timed automatic broadcast. According to the school needs, the program content, program length, broadcast time in advance and then by the computer to automatically manage the whole process of broadcasting, according to the program automatically broadcast. Ensure the completeness, accuracy and punctuality of the program. Realize the unmanned value machine.

Can be set up in different seasons schedule, can be set from Monday to Sunday different sets of programs. You can print your listings synchronously.

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