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Radio FM broadcasting manufacturers talking about the function of Metro Broadcasting System
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The subway broadcasting System is a special subsystem in the Metro communication system, which plays an important role in the railway traffic organization, passenger service, disaster prevention and recovery, equipment maintenance and so on. Usually in the different areas of the subway station for ticketing, Check-in, stop, waiting, ride down, outbound, transfer, etc. to broadcast different service terms and related matters of concern, in order to provide various services, maintain the station order, effectively divert passengers, by car first, shorten the train stop time, to ensure that the train punctuality, created conditions.

At the same time for the station staff to provide other work broadcast; in the vehicle depot, the tunnel interval and other subway operating places for dispatching command, car park shunting, vehicle commissioning, equipment overhaul, line maintenance, power supply rail power, equipment delivery power, such as the provision of safety tips and inform and other broadcasting services; when there are major events, rallies, competitions, As the important means to implement the emergency Passenger Transport organization, the festival and so on have caused the sudden change of the subway passenger flow, which provides the guarantee for ensuring the large passenger flow operation organization and passenger safety, and as an important tool for emergency dredging and commanding disaster relief. For the subway passenger transport, driving, disaster prevention, equipment maintenance and other departments to provide full-featured advanced operational tools, improve the quality of Subway passenger service and the ability to deal with emergencies.

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