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Factors affecting transmitting distance of FM transmitter
- Apr 02, 2018 -

1. The output power of the transmitter. Of course, the higher the launch power, the farther away the launch distance is, in the case of the other conditions being identical.

2, the antenna installation height of the transmitter. Because the electromagnetic waves in the FM band are almost linearly transmitted, the propagation characteristics are similar to those of light. So it is obvious that the higher the antenna, the farther it is fired.

3, the antenna gain of the transmitter. The higher the antenna gain, the farther the launch distance will be.

4, the surrounding environment. As has been said before, FM band electromagnetic wave propagation characteristics and light, so, if the transmitting antenna and receive antenna between the high building block, then the launch distance will be greatly reduced.

5, the receiver's sensitivity. The receiver's sensitivity is very low, the transmitter power is no longer helpful, this is very obvious truth.

6. Electromagnetic environment. If the electromagnetic environment is bad, of course, it will cause interference to the receiver, the reception capacity that will certainly be affected. Just as two people in disco chat, it is quite arduous.

To sum up, the general transmitter in the hard indicators does not launch distance this indicator, out of the use of the environment to talk about the launch distance is not realistic.

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